Optimal assessment & management of Patellofemoral Pain:
Expanding the need for a tailored approach

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Saturday 7th November 13:00-17:00:

One day virtual CPD course hosted by Vital Performance Management. Book here.


One size does not fit all. PFP is a heterogeneous condition that presents in a number of different ways. The assessment that we perform and management that we prescribe needs to take into account the individualities of specific patient presentations and incorporate patient preferences.

Our course focuses on expert assessment of the anterior knee and the development of a tailored management approach, which is deficit focussed and can be applied in clinical practice. More specifically, we present methods for the identification of a patient's specific deficits with tools that can be easily adopted into the clinical setting. Having presented the case for stratification by deficit, we go on to discuss strategies to effectively manage individual presentations, considering how this may be applied within the broader context of an individual’s pain.

Specifically, our course reviews three key areas in the assessment and management of PFP:

  1. What are an individual’s primary pain drivers and which deficits are associated with their presentation?

  2. How can we manage an individual’s pain and how does this integrate into their overall management plan?

  3. When and how should we be looking to influence a patients’ structure, biomechanics, activity levels or psychosocial factors and how may this change through the management process?

Within this assessment and management approach, we highlight the importance of empowering the patient and developing their role in the self-management of the condition. We introduce tools to educate patients with respect to their pain presentation and bring to the fore a patient centred management plan.

There is so much more to managing PFP than VMO exercises and patella taping. Individuals with PFP present with specific deficits that tailored management has the potential to modify and there is no place for a one-size-fits-all approach. Our course will provide you with a greater ability to assess, stratify and manage individuals with PFP. Most importantly, our course will provide you with practical and clinically applicable knowledge that can be used the very next time you encounter a patient with PFP.

Course aims:

  • Improve your knowledge about patellofemoral pain prevalence and etiology

  • Further develop your existing skills in:

    • assessing the anterior knee

    • using adjuncts (foot orthoses, taping, neuromuscular stimulation)

    • exercise prescription

    • running retraining

    • education and activity modification

  • Improve your ability to develop and deliver tailored management to individuals with PFP

Hosting us:

We can deliver this course in multiple formats (face to face or online) tailored to your individual requirements (1 / 1.5 / 2 days). 

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