Optimal assessment & management of Patellofemoral Pain:
Expanding the need for a tailored approach

Current Dates:

Thursday 24th March 2022: One day practical workshop in Leuven, Belgium, with Smart Education. To book, click here


Patellofemoral pain is the most common type of knee pain that you will see in your clinic. Patellofemoral pain is common in many patient groups and presents in a number of different ways.


We have spent the last 10 years researching and treating patellofemoral pain. Our workshop focuses on how to perform an expert assessment of the anterior knee and how to develop a tailored treatment plan. We will show you how we identify specific patient drivers, with tools that can be adopted into your clinical practice straight away.

There is so much more to managing patellofemoral pain than VMO exercises and patellar taping and there is no place for a one-size-fits-all approach. Our workshop will provide you with a superior ability assess and treat patients with patellofemoral pain.

Workshop components:


- What patellofemoral pain is (and what it isn’t)


- Why patellofemoral pain may start & why it may continue

- Assessment of the anterior knee

- Exercise prescription

- Adjuncts (foot orthoses & taping techniques)

- Running/movement re-training


- Education and load management

- Question & answer session with case scenarios



We can deliver our workshop in four different ways:


  1. Two days face to face (mixed theory and practical)

  2. One day face to face (mixed theory and practical)

  3. A mix of pre-recorded lectures (theory) and one day face to face (practical)

   4. Fully online (a mix of pre-recorded lectures and an online workshop)

Hosting Us:

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"Your content is concise, informative and well presented.

I learned more about PFP in 90 minutes than I did in my three years at university or during most of my band 5 outpation rotation."