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#TherapyLive Slides

Brad recently had the pleasure of presenting at the #TherapyLive conference organised by our friends at Physio Matters. Despite a few technical hiccups the virtual conference was a resounding success & a feast of free CPD was delivered by some fantastic speakers.

Brad's talk was designed to give an overview of the current best practice for PFP, with a strong focus on clinical application. Lots of people have requested a handout, which you can find below.

Therapy Live_BN_Handout
Download PDF • 57.94MB

In the spirit of #TherapyLive we have left this open access but we would love for you to follow @TEAM_PFP on Twitter and subscribe to our website in return, at the cost of no more than your email address. We promise only to bombard you with high quality patellofemoral education material!

Both Brad & Simon were also recently put through their paces by Jack Chew for session 78 of the Physio Matters podcast. If you haven't listened, it will expand nicely on some of the finer points in the slides, but be warned, it's a long one! You can check that out here.

Thanks again for the #TherapyLive team for all of their hard work behind the scenes in pulling the event together and to all who listened in live.


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